Zuck’s Parasitic Proboscis

Mark Heyer
2 min readMar 15, 2022

Word is that Facebook is Meta and wants us to live in their artificial world called, as I read on Twitter, the Zuckerverse. You can enter its portals, meet with friends, shop, travel, have sex with machines, whatever. Every time you enter, it inserts its parasitic, prehensile proboscis deep into your life and zucks you dry, selling every word you say, meeting you have, place you visit, or indiscreet glance to the highest bidder.

Fortunately, there is a little-known alternative — the Great Gaian Metaverse. Billions of years old, portals within easy reach of where you are sitting just now. Just locate the nearest one and step through — Marvel at the infinitely detailed landscape rendering. Revel in the soft touch of your friend’s skin, the enticing pheromones of a lover’s kiss, so incredibly lifelike. Hard to believe, but this ultra-realistic rendering of reality is available to everyone, forever, free of charge, compliments of Gaia herself.

Want to visit? OK, remove your goggles — please step away from the computer — find a portal and step through it — Enjoy the vast Gaian Metaverse that envelopes and sustains us. It’s free to explore and contains all the wonders of the universe — for those willing to look, listen, touch, taste, feel and think.