The Laws of Life: #1 — Survive

Mark Heyer
2 min readNov 8, 2023


You are a survivor.
I am a survivor.
Our parents were survivors.
We are alive, but we are mortal.
However, the Tree of Life is immortal.

The Tree of Immortal Life carries Us forward on Spaceship Earth’s magical journey through space and time (click to enlarge)

We are all survivors — We are the buds, blossoms and fruit on the vast Tree of Immortal Life, which includes every living human, animal, plant, bug, and bacteria. We are — Us the Living — each surviving on the fragile tip of a unique branch of immortality. Our personal family tree stretches unbroken back through time to the first seed of Life that took root in the fertile Earth of the great cosmic nursery. Life emerged, blinking in astonishment across the face of time.

All of Us are the warriors and emissaries of Earth’s Immortal Life, waging the eternal struggle to harvest the light, venture boldly into the unknown, and illuminate the endless frontiers of time and possibility. Immortal Life is created by the mortal toils of Us the Living.

Our mortal ancestors survived everything an uncaring universe threw at them — asteroid strikes, ice ages, toxic volcanos, continents shaking and drifting about, climate changes, mass extinctions, evolutionary explosions, and meltdowns. Many died, but our ancestors, the ancestors of today’s Us the Living, survived and procreated.

From a human perspective, it is time to take our place as responsible global citizens of Spaceship Earth. Hopefully, we will have the wisdom to recognize the unity of all life forms and, together, project our light to create an abundant future for Immortal Life.

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