Boquete Area Internet FAQ

In a very short time, Boquete and greater Panama has gone from internet starvation to abundance. We now have access to the fastest internet available anywhere on earth.

Mark Heyer
13 min readOct 20, 2020


This brief FAQ is aimed at existing residents of the Boquete area and to those who might be considering Boquete as a place to live and work online.

Our community is blessed with many knowledgable residents and I welcome suggestions, additions and criticisms. If there are more questions that need to be answered, by all means, ask.
- Mark Heyer

FAQ updated October, 20, 2020

Currently, there are two major providers of high speed internet in Boquete — where available:

  • +Movil (the old Cable & Wireless), providing fiber optic internet ( Customer service 6330–0033 or 323–7657. Internet service issues: 730 5575 option 7 for English
  • Cable Onda (soon to be Tigo), providing cable internet ( Customer service 390–7555 press 7 for English

Both companies provide roughly equivalent services at competitive prices for speeds up to 1000mbps. The fact that there are now TWO major providers is very good news for us as consumers, since the competition will push them to keep lower prices and better customer service.

The decision may come down to which one provides the more desirable TV and streaming packages. This is what they are really wanting to sell to their Panamanian customer base.

Here are some of the questions you may want to consider before making a decision. (Thanks to Scott Yates for sharing his research)

Both companies provide basically the same service profile.

  1. How long is the contract?
    One year, but you can make arrangements if you need to end it early
  2. Can I change my speed plan during the contract?
    Yes — just call the customer service number
  3. If I need to end my contract, where do I return the modem?
    To an office in David or in Boquete if there is one operating. During the Covid…